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Before your first visit to Fennell, Yoxthimer, and Associates, DDS, we will need information including relevant medical history and your background information. To expedite the process of your first visit, you may fill out the following forms ahead of time and bring them with you to the office:

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

The first priority at your first appointment is for your dentist to establish a relationship with you and better understand your oral health. Your first visit will consist of a comprehensive examination, a panoramic film, and a series of x-rays. We do not do dental cleanings at your first appointment, unless you are 22 years or younger. The reason behind this is that we want you to have ample face time with your new dentist. This will give them the opportunity to review your health history, as this can dramatically affect how dental treatment is provided. The dentist will determine what type of cleaning you will benefit from at this initial visit (prophy, deep cleaning, debridement). Finally, this initial visit allows for us to ensure your mouth is healthy and determine if there is an existing dental disease, allowing us to tailor a comprehensive approach to your oral healthcare.

Before your appointment, you can familiarize yourself with our office, doctors, and staff by reviewing the information on our site. We look forward to seeing you soon.

To schedule your first appointment, call our office at (513) 631-6600 or request your appointment online.

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