4 Things You May Not Know About SureSmile Invisible Aligners

Suresmile Aligner

It’s said smiles can light up a room. When we see a person smiling candidly and confidently, it inspires us to do the same. It turns out that beautiful, straight teeth are also easier to brush and less prone to being injured. SureSmile is one way to achieve that goal.

1. No Dietary Restrictions With SureSmile

When it comes to wearing traditional braces, one of the things patients dread is missing out on their favorite foods during the course of treatment. Things like apples, caramel, gum, and popcorn are not recommended or even forbidden. When patients choose SureSmile aligners instead, they don’t have to give up any foods. The aligners are removed easily when it’s time to eat. Afterward, patients brush their teeth normally and replace the aligners.

2. SureSmile Aligners Are Made For Comfort

These aligners are made from a specially patented, smooth thermoplastic called Essix ACE Plastic. This is the plastic of choice industry-wide for the manufacture of dental aligners. Using high-quality plastics allows patients to have aligners that are comfortable to wear, extremely customizable, and nearly invisible. Even in photos and videos, people would be hard-pressed to tell someone is wearing SureSmile.

The plastic used to make the aligners is similar to the material used in dental whitening trays. These aligners are clear and pretty low maintenance. Patients are advised that to avoid any staining, a thorough cleaning at least once daily is recommended.

3. No Need For Bulky Wires Or Brackets

Something that turns people away from getting traditional braces is all of the wires, brackets, and hardware. The brackets are used to put pressure on the teeth and move them into place. With SureSmile, the aligner works to help shift and guide teeth into position gently. Due to the fact that the aligners are so well-fitted, some patients can see results more quickly than traditional braces.

Another huge benefit to patients is how simple oral hygiene is with SureSmile. Simply remove the aligners, and you can brush and floss normally. This can help to avoid the potential cavities or discoloration that may occur with traditional braces.

4. New SureSmile Aligners About Every Two Weeks

Every patient has their own timeline and treatment plan. In all cases, they will be changing out their aligners regularly as the teeth shift into their new, permanent positions. The average time to wear a set of aligners is two weeks.

Changing aligners is similar to getting braces tightened. There may be some soreness after switching aligners that can last a day or two. Most patients will not even need any pain medication because it is so mild. Patients do not have to go into their provider to switch aligners. It’s done at home. Their provider will schedule periodic check-ups to assess progress and make sure the teeth are shifting properly.

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