Tooth Colored Fillings

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Most people are familiar with tooth fillings, which are common treatments for cavities and other oral health problems. Teeth can become damaged from decay, grinding, or misuse. Whatever the cause for your tooth damage, the dentists at Fennell, Yoxthimer, and Associates, DDS are available for tooth colored fillings.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

A tooth filling is a treatment for a cavity or for cracked or broken teeth. Traditional fillings are composed of metal, so they are somewhat noticeable. Tooth colored fillings are now available, which are more discreet and provide support to the tooth because they chemically bond to your tooth’s structure. Tooth colored fillings are versatile, and in some cases, less of your natural tooth will be removed compared to traditional metal fillings.

How are Teeth Filled?

Before your teeth are filled, the area around the tooth is numbed using an anesthetic. Next, your dentist will remove the decay using a drill, laser, or air abrasion instrument to ensure it does not spread. The space will then be cleaned to remove any debris or bacteria before filling it with a tooth-colored composite. This composite is applied in layers, which are cured using a light. When this process is complete, the material is shaped and polished.  

Do I Need Tooth Fillings?

If you have cavities or cracked or broken teeth, you may require a filling. Bacteria overgrowth or infection due to these issues can spread, and filling the teeth is important to maintain your oral health. A qualified dentist, such as those at Fennell, Yoxthimer, and Associates, DDS, will be able to determine whether you require a filling.

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