During the month of July, we are excited to offer our established patients $100.00 off our at home bleaching tray system.  

Cost to established patient after discount:  $199.00

Cost includes customized bleaching tray and whitening gel (total of 4 gels).  

What’s the difference between dentist-supervised and over-the-counter treatments?  

There are many differences, starting with the fact that your teeth and your own dental situation are absolutely unique. Which is why the safety of your treatment requires a dentist’s evaluation and supervision. You’ll also find that custom trays designed by the dentist will fit better and will consequently expel far less bleaching gel than the unsupervised, over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all treatment alternatives.

Results vary for every patient:  

Typically you will see results right away, usually within three days of starting the whitening process. The complete process normally takes between one and two weeks, but treatment times will vary depending on the source, type, and depth of the discoloration.

Please contact us at (513) 631-6600 to schedule or feel free to email us at hello@fyasmile.com for any additional questions or concerns.