Emergency Dentist vs. Emergency Room

Going to the emergency room is usually a harrowing and stressful experience, even if you’re not the one in pain or in need of immediate help. If you have undergone a dental emergency and landed yourself in the ER with mixed results, here’s some advice for next time (though, we do wish you never have to have a dental emergency again). Reach out to a dental emergency dentist instead.

Know When to Call an Emergency Dentist

Dentists are not like hospitals that are open around the clock. Instead, appointments are made weeks or months in advance, which isn’t always conducive if you’re in immediate pain or have an urgent problem. In most dental emergencies, care must be sought as soon as possible to alleviate pain. So, any pain that you cannot control through normal remedies should be seen as an emergency and land you with an emergency dentist. Dentists not only help you manage your symptoms but also make sure your condition doesn’t worsen, whether due to injury or sudden onset of symptoms.

There are many conditions that are considered outright emergencies as opposed to situations that may be painful but manageable at home. The ADA provides guidelines regarding situations that require immediate care and, hence, considered dental emergencies:

  • Non-stop bleeding
  • Swelling/pain caused by an infection
  • Swollen mouth/gums with a painful swelling
  • Broken tooth
  • Dislocated tooth
  • Chipped/cracked tooth
  • Abscess forming in the mouth or around that area
  • Non-manageable cavity pain

Orthodontic Emergency Care

There are also other situations in which urgent dental or orthodontic care is needed, such as:

  • Broken dentures
  • Bent or protruding appliances or wires
  • Malfunctioning dentures or fixtures

What is Emergency Dental Care Like?

The type of dental care needed depends on the type of emergency you have. However, common emergency treatments can include the following:

Tooth Extraction

Usually, a decaying tooth causes immense pain that must be managed through tooth removal/extraction.

Tooth Restoration

Getting a broken tooth fixed or secured back into its socket is one of the many emergencies commonly encountered.

Filling or Crown Replacement

Tooth filling or crown replacement is usually done to alleviate cavity pain and allow you to chew with comfort again.

No matter what the emergency is, professional dentists in an emergency setting know how to work patients into a busy schedule to give you the most suitable and reliable solution. An emergency appointment typically includes a visual examination, X-rays, cleaning and preparing the injury, and using medication to put you at ease.

Emergency Dentist in Cincinnati, OH

Entrust your emergency with a professional dentist available any time during the day or night instead of visiting the ER. Dental emergencies are best handled by professionals skilled in dentistry and this is why you should call Fennel and Yoxthimer at (513) 631-6600 when you feel sudden onset dental pain. Don’t wait to get the dental care you need.

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